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Michigan NOW Announces First Round of Endorsements for August 5, 2014 Primary

  • 65 Well Qualified Candidates Endorsed or Supported Including 39 Women Running for Office
  • NO on Proposal 1, the Personal Property Tax Phase Out

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The Michigan NOW Political Action Committee and the Michigan NOW State Coordinating Council announce the first set of endorsements in advance of the August 5, 2014 primary.

“We reviewed over 100 requests for endorsement and urge voters to consider casting their ballots for the 65 candidates we recommend” stated Danielle Troia, President of Michigan NOW. “We had to make some tough choices because there are many good candidates. We are especially pleased to endorse 39 women who are running for office, more than ever. It is important for Michigan women’s voices to be heard in Congress, the Michigan Legislature and the Michigan Judiciary”.

In accordance with Michigan NOW’s Endorsement Guidelines, incumbent candidates’ voting records, answers to the candidate questionnaires, and personal knowledge of the candidates were considered in making endorsement or support decisions. Those candidates meeting all criteria were eligible for a designation of “Endorse” and may receive a donation from the PAC. Those who met most of the criteria were eligible to receive a designation of “Support”. In the table attached, E stands for Endorsed and S stands for Support.

“All 65 candidates are worthy of a vote from those who support women’s rights issues. We continue to be concerned about what is happening at the federal, state and judicial levels to women and our ability to make personal decisions,” Troia continued.

Michigan NOW has also taken a NO position on Proposal 1, the Personal Property Tax (PPT) phase out. Proposal 1 would shift a business tax on certain equipment and machinery that funds many local government services, to require Michigan state taxpayers to cover a $100 million shortfall to replace the PPT the first year, increasing over time to over $500 million as the PPT is phased out. Michigan NOW urges a NO vote on Proposal 1 because it will reduce state revenues and state services most of which serve women and families.

Candidates who are interested in being considered for Michigan NOW’s endorsement must complete a questionnaire.

Candidate requests submitted after July 7th are being considered and will be announced at a later date.