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Testimony in Opposition of HB 4906 to Eliminate the Earned Income Tax Credit

Testimony in Opposition of HB 4052

Testimony in Opposition of SB 4

Testimony in Opposition of HBs 4188, 4189, and 4190

MI Now Opposes House Bills 4188, 4189, and 4190

Testimony in Opposition of HB 4927 and 4928

Testimony on SB 254 to Senate Judiciary Committee

Michigan NOW Opposes SB 136

Testimony on HB 5711 Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Michigan NOW Testimony on SB 975

Michigan NOW Testimony on HB 5711, 5712, 5713

Senate Testimony on Abortion Coercion Bills

Abortion coercion bills coerce women; testimony

MI NOW opposes ban on abortion coverage in health insurance

Testimony Opposing HR 185, federal conscience clause legislation

Anti-Choice Legislation in the Michigan Legislature 3-14-12

Anti-bullying bill, MI NOW letter to Representatives, 11-9-11

License Revocation for CSC crimes, SB 235, 10-13-11

Testimony on Judicial By-Pass Bill, SB 135, 9-27-11

Testimony on House Anti-bullying bill,HB 4163, 6-29-11

House Testimony, Partial Birth Abortion Bills, 6-16-11

Anti-bullying Bill Must Be Amended, 4-12-11 testimony

Testimony on “Partial Birth” Abortion Bills, 3-1-11 Testimony