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License Revocation for CSC crimes, SB 235, 10-13-11

October 13, 2011

Honorable Gail Haines, Chair
Michigan House Health Policy Committee
Anderson House Office Building
Lansing, MI

Dear Representative Haines and Members of the House Health Policy Committee:

Thank you for considering Senate Bill 235 which would allow for the permanent revocation of the license or registration of a healthcare professional upon conviction of first, second, or third degree criminal sexual conduct.

Currently health care licensing disciplinary committees have an assortment of penalties they can impose when faced with a licensee with a CSC I, II, or III conviction. Removing the option of licensing disciplinary committees to give a slap on the wrist instead of removing licensees from the practice of their health occupation is important to women’s safety and security and the safety and security of their families and the general public. We support these bills and urge you to refer them for passage by the House.

We are concerned about the effect of prosecutors’ plea bargaining down from CSC I, II, or III to other related offenses not affected by these bills. This would let these bad actors remain in their professions and further threaten the public. We urge this Committee to craft some control on prosecutors ability to plea bargain down CSC I, II, or III charges as part of any plea bargain for the covered health care professionals and to insist that the accused give up any current health occupation license and not apply for any future health occupation license. This is especially important where the victim was identified through or associated with the accused’s health occupation and where the accused used his or her health occupation’s power and/or influence to commit CSC I, II, or III.

The National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest, most comprehensive, multi-issue activist feminist advocacy group in the United States and Michigan.

Michigan NOW thanks you for the opportunity to comment on these bills.


Mary Pollock
Legislative Vice President